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Carvey: Entertainment Industry Punishes Political Evenhandedness

It’s not news that Hollywood and the entertainment community in general have a strong progressive-left political bias, but whenever a celebrity

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  • Fall of the Roman Empire
The Decline and Fall of Relativism

Writing today at The American Culture, Mike D’Virgilio makes some good observations about the inherent contradictions in what is commonly

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  • Jonah
Relativism and ‘Empty Integrity’

Relativism is a funny thing. It is a self-refuting concept: how can there be no truth if that statement is itself a truth claim? Yet this is the

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Think Tanks’ Donor Identities Don’t Matter, but Policy Positions Do

The R Street Institute is a relatively recent arrival in the D.C. think tank world. It advertises itself as a free market think tank with a

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Poll: U.S. Public Happy with Internet Service, Want Government to Keep Hands Off

If you like your Internet service, can you keep it? President Obama says no, and that might not sit too well with the nation’s Internet users,

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  • tom-wheelerfcc[1]
Obama Goads Senate, Presses Net Neutrality Issue

As I noted here last week, the Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate ensures that Congress will not accept a move by the Federal Communications

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