Life is short, said Hippocrates, but art is long. There is a practical corollary to that great truth: elections are won and lost in the politics of the moment, but it’s the culture that makes the nation.

--Andrew Klavan, “The Long Game”

The mission of Liberty21 is to educate the public about the morality and effectiveness of voluntary, market-based institutions which develop organically from a culture of liberty.

The Liberty21 Institute is dedicated to fostering a free and dynamic 21st century-economy and 21st century-culture.  We educate state policymakers, grass roots organizations, and the general public on the merits of using voluntary, market-based institutions, rather than government, to meet economic and social needs.  We analyze and expose government policies that burden taxpayers, raise prices for consumers, and restrict opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business.  We also examine primacy of culture and cultural trends that undermine liberty and champion works that promote respect for personal responsibility.

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The Liberty21 Institute and the American Enterprise Institute hosted a panel discussion recently at the AEI headquarters in Washington, DC on the intersection of Economics and culture. You can find brief descriptions and video of the event at the AEI website.

Broadly speaking, education, media and entertainment have a huge impact on the American people, their worldview, who they vote for, how they behave, who they believe and who they trust. Liberty21 is a cultural think tank, a non-partisan, 501(C)3 organization that takes seriously the impact of culture on the direction of American society.

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Why become a member of the Liberty21 Institute? Good question. If liberty minded individuals, however they self-identify, are going to make an impact in the cultural influence professions, they won't do that alone. Liberty21 is committed to building a support network of people throughout media, entertainment and education who believe in the values that inspired America's founding. As the saying goes, it's not what you know but who you know. Clearly this is an overstatement, but because there are so few us in these professions, we'll  need the support, connections, opportunities and advice this network can provide. As we build it, we'll need the help of all of you who care deeply about the direction of our society and realize the importance of the culture in which way it goes.

In addition, members will have access to important research, content
and educational opportunities before or not available to the general public. Best of all, right now it's free! It won't be forever, because the word is going to get out, and it takes money to effectively challenge the left's cultural hegemony.
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In the realm of cognition, there are thoughts and there are feelings, but "a song," Harburg held, "makes you feel a thought." Thus it can be more powerful than either on its own. When successful, the songwriter gets "to the heart of the people." Harburg believed that songwriters were, like Shelley's poets, "unacknowledged legislators of the world."

--Joseph Epstein,
"Passing the Memorability Test: The Enduring Lyrics of Yip Harburg"

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