• CBS's 'Scorpion' was the top-rated TV show for the week of January 19-25
CBS, ‘Scorpion’ Stomp Competition in Nielsen Ratings

The latest Neilsen ratings were released today, and they’re quite interesting, to say the least. Among the top twenty programs, nearly all are

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  • Sons-of-Liberty-History-Channel-29
‘Sons of Liberty': Historically Inaccurate, Surprisingly Relevant

The American Revolution is hot. That’s the only conclusion one can justify in light of the numerous highly popular history books about the era

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  • Rush
Rush Celebrates Its 40th with North American Tour

You know the adjective old applies when a band you followed as a kid celebrates its 40th anniversary! That would be the great Canadian band Rush,

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  • mind-the-gap-featured
Minding the Gap Between Rich and Poor

Are you a 1-percenter? Like it or not, if you earn at least $370,000 annually in the United States, then you automatically become a member of this

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  • FCC chairman Tom Wheeler
FCC’s OTT Reclassification Portends More Trouble for Cable, Satellite Providers

As I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, a variety of factors is breaking down the current television distribution system, specifically endangering

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  • Hansen2
University Moves to Force Racial Grade Equality Regardless of Students’ Performance

“Many American colleges and universities are in the thrall of ‘diversity,’ but none more so than my institution, the University of

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